The Power of One

This was not the post I was planning to write next, but it follows my new philosophy, to plan, but to also allow, staying open to what presents itself. I just recently joined the social media frenzy and I am amazed and excited by the power and possibilities we have as individuals to unite, have a voice, and create positive change. I briefly touched on this in my last post.  I am not writing this post as an advocacy towards a cause but to inspire individuals. If you have a passion to help and create positive change, it is possible.

Most recently there has been an announced that the government of Tanzania is planning to build a highway through the Serengeti, which could destroy the integrity of a priceless world heritage that has been protected by the people of Tanzania since the birth of their country. It is being described as the greatest threat in the Serengeti’s history- a commercial highway in the direct path of ancient wildlife migration routes. As I previously stated, this is not a post for advocacy to this cause, but to encourage you to follow the cause to discover the power we do have as individuals to unite together globally through the internet and social media.

Here is a link if you would like more information

(There is a wonderful video on the site about the migration from National Geographic)

What I do like about this groups efforts is they offer another solution, and this is the way we can come together to protect the things that are right in the world.

Tanzania, like so many underdeveloped countries have powerful governments and most of their populations living in rural area’s. Howerver, it is through modern technology that many of them are now connected with us globally through cell phones, the internet, and social media. When this announcement was made, it was though Tanzania’s local people that it began to circulate through social media and the internet, and the world is listening and reacting! We are hearing the story from the people, not just the media’s interpretation.

As a world, wildlife, and humanitarian photographer, I find this very exciting.  I will soon be leaving for Africa, embedding myself in small rural villages living and telling their  stories, I will be posting more about this in the weeks to come. I will also be posting about the above story from Africa through the eyes and hearts of local people.

Again this post is not about advocacy for this particular issue, but to inspire you that we as individual have the power to create change and this is so exciting

I invite you to share your comments.