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The photo was taken with my blackberry  (not an iphone….) freezing cold for this hot climate girl!

Sharing our art, ideas, and success changes our world for the better. I have not yet made a post such as this, but I think this is important so  I wanted to share this with you.  Last Friday I officially became one of the fools that got up at 3:30 AM to go wait in line, and freeze!!!! at the font of the mall in hopes that I would get a ticket to buy the ipad2 (I did not have an ipad1). I did this because I thought on Sat I may have a great opportunity to share my work. I was going to the adventure and travel show in LA and thought if I had only a minute to show my work  I did not want to waste it pulling out my lap top, having to set it on their booth table, wait for it to warm up, and then have them crouch down to view my work, ignoring their potential customers. Also, carrying around a laptop is heavy!

I actually arrived at the mall at 4:14 AM on Friday morning,  a week after the ipad2 had been released and I was #28 in line! I was glad that I brought my Eddie bower chair, a thermos of coffee, sandwich, hat, gloves, and a lap top for entertainment.  The Camaraderie in line was great and entertaining. Many people had done this for days and their stories were fun and entertaining, but I was on a mission.

My new friends that had been doing this all week explained that the apple store received a shipment the evening before and would come out about 7ish and tell us how many tickets they had. As the line grew longer, est about 200, and no one came out by 7:45 I comely said, “it is Friday, they will at least have 100, it’s good marketing.”

I got a ticket!

Advised by my Mac guru, who does mac cast,  said “you should get a 32G AT&T”, but when the mac crew reached me and all they had left was a 16G Version, I took the ticket. After all, I was on a mission; I had a need an excuse to go off my no new gear in 2011 restriction.

What I cannot tell you all about is the technical aspects of the tablet yet, but you can tune in to MacCast,,  by Christan Adams  (my tech guru) for that kind of information.  What I can tell you is that the reasons I gave myself for getting the ipad2 hold true. Many times in life you have a small window of opportunity in which you meet someone, at an event, a party, or….but, only for a split second. You have a moment to mention your work, hand them a card, and think you will follow up later……. The moment is gone, and so is the opportunity to say “let me show you the work I am telling you about”. I am not recommending to wait till the moment you need it, being the fool in line at 4:14 AM (one of my bad habits as a photographer getting gear the night before a getting on a plane), but getting a tablet as a marketing tool is a must. (and yes I think the ipad is the best….more to come on that)

As one of the great photographers that I follow, David Duchemin, says “ opportunity comes from conversations, so have more conversations.”

Sharing my passion and my work…..priceless.

Comments are open and I hope you will join in.

No greater honor

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Some weeks are so much more exciting than others, and this was one of those weeks. I had some great news that I will be sharing in April.  I was also invited to give  a program at Calumet in Los Angeles on June 4th, but the most exciting thing that happened this week was when a friend from facebook, Sylvie, Vi,  sent me this email


I am a designer in my spare time and I love your photos.

To my pleasure and challenge, I started drawing the picture of zebras … I send you a sketch of this drawing.

Your photos are magical and I love watching them and I fell in love with this photo and wanted to draw it.

Sylvie, Vi

For me, there is no greater honor than knowing my work inspired someone else, especially when it inspires them to create and share. My passion for  photography and the natural world has grown into a lifelong commitment to inspire others to explore, respect and preserve the beauty of our fragil planet. So I want to thank Sylvie in letting me know that I am meeting my goal and for sharing her talent.

Here is the photograph I posted on Facebook a few days ago

Here is the drawing that Sylvie created

She has also now shared it on Art Academie