Looking at the Past

Last weekend I was out having dinner with a good friend and in our conversation about life she said you have to look to your past to enjoy your future and be happy with the present. I said “wow, where did that come from!’ and we both laughed. But, then I had to really reflect on those words. A year a go I was preparing to take a big leap of faith to live a dream. Although, I hit huge obstacles and had to abandon the journey momentarily, I had to recognize the gains I had made towards that goal.

As artist we observe everything and from that stems visions, idea’s and passion. That combination automatically makes us want to get from now to living the dream in rocket speed. We forget that it takes time, we will have extreme challenges, and it will test our vision and ability to make it happen. When we get to the point that is seems impossible and it brings us to our knees in discouragement, we need to remember that the dream only dies if we give up and we only fail when we quit. Never under estimate the power of your passion and remember life is a one way ticket, so pick yourself up and keep moving towards that dream. It is the longevity, persistence, and passion that will give you the strength to move forward in a new direction towards the ultimate goal. Use the unseccesses (I don’t even think that is a defined word) as a tool to build success.

Why do I have the wisdom to pass on this inspiration to you? Last year, when I took the leap of faith to move to Africa for six months and hopefully for more …… I also had idea’s to create an online community, get some sponsorship, have a featured article, etc… even though almost at the moment I arrived, with a lot of people watching my journey, I knew I was in trouble. I had dreamt of this for several years so with everything in my being I tried to make it work. Within 6 weeks I recognized that it was not going to get to lead in the direction of my goals and I made the heartbreaking decision to return to the states. I was shattered, my things were in storage, my home rented out for a year, and no idea how to move forward, but I also knew could not imagine my life without finding a way to continue on my journey. This was October.

Although that first attempt did not rocket me into the place I had hoped for, looking back, I did accomplish many of my goals. I have built a great online community, one that has given me the support to continue on this amazing journey. Before I packed up all that I owned and boarded that plane for Kenya, I also made connection with a person that gave me the information to a guide in a region of Africa that I had been researching for years. Even after I returned home in low spirits, I found the strength to board a plane on New Years eve to Ethiopia and discover a purpose to my work that just filled my soul. A purpose that has now become a long term personal project. In my desperation to not let this be the end of my dream, I worked harder than ever and this month I am honored to have an article in Rangefiner magazine featuring my wildlife photography. I also have obtained sponsorship form leading image makers, and have had the privilege to give several interviews about my passion and project.

Knowing that the odds were against me and the risk I was taking was huge. I searched for stories of others that had taken such huge risk and had become hugely successful. This I had hoped would give me more confidence in the decision to jump off the cliff so to speak. Well I searched high and low and found no one gave me the secret of their success or wisdom from their failure and the consequences from either. So, I decided that I should put my self out there and start this blog for so many others that were destined to take the that enormous risk and who wanted to know if you take that risk, does it really work out.
Although I do not have the answer for you yet, what I can tell you is there is no golden door or a guided path to get there, but I am confident that I do know the secret on how to make it happen…… NEVER, EVER, give up. Never under estimate the power of your passion. Passion, Vision, inspiration, and dreams = life, repeat every morning, often and frequently.

If you look back on your journey this year, take a real inventory of where you were, where your going, and where you are now, smile, be happy and know that if you keep going you will get there. But the most important advice I can give you is to enjoy every part of the journey. Remember most times it is more fun getting ready for the party than the party itself.

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9 Responses to “Looking at the Past”

  1. Matt

    Good words. Especially this part:It is the longevity, persistence, and passion that will give you the strength to move forward in a new direction towards the ultimate goal.

    It’s easy to turn tail when the going gets tough, but if something is worth it, you’ve got to persevere through those difficult times.

  2. Janine

    Piper, This is very poignant, brought tears to my eyes, but most importantly fueled my passion & determination. Thank you. Janine

  3. whitney peckman

    Vision! Passion! Persistence! Those three create the habit of being in the moment, loving the day you are in, time passing unnoticed – all the things we read about that make one feel “into” what they are doing. It doesn’t have to be a huge project or a challenging position. One can have a passion for living each day to the fullest. For some loving the day they are in IS the Vision. And that, too, will add to the chain of connection with others and their passions. I’m so glad that you are part of my chain of connection, Piper. Inspiring post. Inspiring woman.

    • Piper Mackay

      Whitney thank so much for sharing your thoughts and adding more wisdom to this inspirational post. Glad to have you as part of our community here.

  4. Piper Mackay

    Janine I am happy to know that my experiences can help to fuel your passion a drive as that is one of my goals in posting the hard times with successful ones. Live your passion to its fullest and never give up.

  5. Buddy Lee

    Piper, all that you say is so true. As I get on down the road of life those are the things that fuel the fire. Vision, passion and persistence are the big three for an interesting life that will keep one fully engaged. But there is one more element for me and that is listening to that inner voice that gives us direction. I think that gives you the strength to tap into those three elements that take you down the road. We all have it but to have the confidence to listen to it and take guidance from it is the hard part. I look forward to hearing more about your journey.

  6. Vanda Ralevska

    Piper, all I can say is thank you for those beautiful and encouraging words. I don’t know you but I have a feeling you were just talking to me. I have a passion for photography that no words can describe. I am trying to pursue it as my profession but the business is very slow. Only now I am starting to slow down and understand that success doesn’t happen over night. I know one thing, I can’t give up, because by doing so I would fail myself. It would not be me any more. So thank you again and wishing you success and happiness in pursuing your passion.
    Vanda x

  7. Piper Mackay

    Thank you for your comments. This is a tough business and has become much harder in these past few years, but is our passion for this amazing craft that will keep us moving forward. Platforms of the past no longer work so now our challenges is finding new paths to celebrate our art with the world.

  8. Helene Kobelnyk

    Piper, this is a really beautiful and inspirational post. Woke up this morning and felt discouraged and blue until I read this. Thank you so much! I wish I lived closer so that I could attend one of your Africa seminars. I know I would learn so much!