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National Geographic Maybe

National Geographic, Maybe….

by Piper on • (4 comments)

About a week ago I was on the National Geographic website doing some research and on a fluke clicked on the best shots photo gallery. They were requesting to upload your best animal shot, so I grab an image, uploaded it and forgot about it. Then last week I received and email, which I thought… Read more »

Was Facebook Wrong

Was Facebook wrong?

by Piper on • (26 comments)

A few days ago I posted the first picture below on Facebook. I had received many lovely comments and then went out to enjoy my day. Upon returning later that day I received a notice/warning from Facebook that my image had been removed due to the content; nudity. At first I was stunned, as it… Read more »

AUTHENTIC AFRICA of days gone by…

by Piper on • (8 comments)

This past January, after many years of traveling through Africa, I was able to visit one of the most unique area’s on the continent, the omo Valley in Southern Ethiopia, a place I had longed to visit for many years. Dropping into the Omo Valley was like going back to an Authentic Africa of days… Read more »


by Piper on • (7 comments)

I have been challenged in my writing and creativity lately. Myself, I am very effected by my environment and having that special creative space is extraordinarily important especially when so much of my time can be spent in front of a computer. When I began this  journey of risk and transition to pursue my passion,… Read more »